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RDP server hangs suddenly


Hi folks,

I am dealing with weird issue on my Windows Server 2012 R2 server. Server is used as DC and RDS server.

Everything was working fine until Friday where I saw this problem first time.

Users reported that they are unable to log on to RDP - they see black screen only. User with active RDP connection are able to work but unable to log off from RDP. In server console I see that RDS is not working properly. I am able to restart all RDS services except this one - UmRdpService.

And there are some errors in event viewer.

13:05:13 Source - System, Service control manager - event ID 7011 - service UmRdpService timeout. 

And then another:

The same source and event id but service is different - hidserv, Netman, ScDeviceEnum, transaction  SysMain 

and the last one - event id 7046 - UmRdpService

There is another error in app event viewer.

13:00:13 - App - Application Hang - event id 1002 - program StwPh.exe verze 5.1.12103.2 stopped cooperate with OS

I would say that problem is caused by app - STWPh.exe.

What do you mean?



Server 2019 RDS Crash - FYI. (msvcrt.dll, 0xc0000005)


Hi there.

I am testing 2019 standard 1809 RDSH running on a 2019 Hyper-V. Trying to adopt the settings from our working 2016 environment. Adding the GPO's step by step, suddenly the svchost.exe_TermService, version: 10.0.17763.1 crashed with exception 0xc0000005. The module was msvcrt.dll version  version: 7.0.17763.1

So figuring out it was because of some "old" GPO, I started pulling it apart, step by step, to find that it was the:
"Configure H.264/AVC hardware encoding for Remote Desktop Connections=Enabled"

So I am setting up to test with NVidia K1 and DDA, I need this feature to be working at some time in the near future.
I have an .dmp file from the crash if any Microsoft codes or crashtester needs it.

But for your info - if you see this crash, test to see if it works.

Kind regards.

Program reset.


is it possible to change remote server settings so that whenever a second user logs into the server the server automatically resets the programs that were previously running on the server?

Maintenance mode on RDS collection

Previous Program reset.

Hi All,

Just wanted to check with you all on is there a possibility to provide a maintenance window on RemoteApp collection level.

We have Production collection and Test Collection in an event we need to take down the production collection. For this purpose, we send emails to our client saying that that environment will not be available. Is there a way that we can let them know when they launch the RemoteApp?

We have 400+ end users that we need to notify when there is a maintenance window. 

BTW we have Window server 2012 R2 for all RDS servers.

I really appreciate your help.


UVHD-template.vhdx is gone! Recreate the template Windows 2016


Hi All,

I have following problem.

Somehow and I don't now why, the UVHD-template.vhdx is gone.

Is there a way to recreate this template disk?

Thanks in advance


The remote computer disconnected the session because of an error in the licensing protocol


I have one client machine - thin T620 Windows 7 embedded.

It uses RemoteApps. Worked fine. Suddenly fail to launch RemoteApp with the error:

The remote computer disconnected the session because of an error in the licensing protocol.

There are dozens posts with a fix of this error... all of them about the same:

"Just delete the "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSLicensing" registry key...then launch remote desktop using "Run as Administrator". This worked for Windows 7. I had to launch as admin, otherwise it didn't work after deleting the key."

I remember I did this a year ago on one machine...

This time, I deleted MSLicensing in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ but it is not recreated. So nothing works...

When searched the registry I found MSLicensing in:


do I have to delete it here too?

why MSLicensing is not recreated in the place where was deleted?


--- When you hit a wrong note its the next note that makes it good or bad. --- Miles Davis

Windows Store RD Client can not connect


I have Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home computers, both fully up to date, nether on a Windows Domain.

Home can connect, with the (old) Windows Desktop RD client, to connect to the Pro.

Home will not connect to the Pro with the Windows Store RD Client.  The error is that the Username or password is not correct.

I've searched and see there are a lot of problems reported with connecting from the Windows Store RD client and tried some of the options suggested. I've also seen that the Windows Store RD client reputedly has better security, so good it can't connect!


1) How can I connect with the Windows Store RD client?

2) Is it worth the effort of persisting with the Windows Store client or is the old desktop client just as good?


RDS - Desktop Flashing / Cursor randomly jumps around


Hey Together,

we have a customer with a RDS Terminalserver Farm with 4 2016 RDS Session Hosts located in Azure.

The customer is facing the issue that the desktop icons are flashing, like they are pressing f5 all the time.
Already tried the specific registry key here: 
https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/1978620-rds-2016-desktop-icons-flickers-refreshes. that either did not work.

In addition the users are experiencing that the cursor sometimes start to randomly juming around.
For example, user is typing in the adress field of outlook, and the cursor jumps out of that field and the user has to click in it again to finish typing.

Probably the issue is related to the flickering and refreshing desktop, but not sure.

Best Regards,

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp API


Is there or will Microsoft announce some kind of the API for the Microsoft Azure RemoteApp? 


Webaccess role question



I'm setting up a RDS 2016 environment. I have configured the webaccess role on the gateway server. The gateway server is in a DMZ.

Do i also need a webaccess server available inside the network, besides the one in the DMZ? 

RDS 2012 R2 - Pshell to disable the user consent for shadowing procedure



is there some cmdlet to disable the user consent?

Clean install Windows 10 can not RDP via 2012 RD2 RDG.


I have two systems, both clean installs of Windows 10 Pro.  Both systems used to connect to work via a Windows Server 2012 RD RD Gateway.  We saved the RDP shortcut and they both stopped working now.  We create a new short-cut with same or different creds and still does not work.  Failure seems to be when authentication takes place on the RD Gateway server, not the remote computer.  I know this since I removed all creds and enter each manually and this happens when I am asked for the RD Gateway creds.  Now if I connect from any other system it works fine, if I connect from my phone via MS's RDP client it works fine.  I checked event logs both on the client jumping in and the RDG server and there is nothing when this happens. 

Error: Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because an error occurred on the remote computer that you want to connect to.  Contact your network administrator for assistance.

Any thoughts?

windows server 2016 TSclient: Open RDP Virtual Channel Failed already open


Hi all !

I'm running on windows server 2016 terminal server services.

When all client running win10 try to connect this error appear

TSclient: Open RDP Virtual Channel Failed already open

Client then click OK button, error disappear and have desktop access.

if the client is running windows 7 no error appear.

I googled all the morning but seems that this issue appear only on windows server 2012.

Have anyone ever seen this on 2016 machine?


Adl Srl

RD session connections windows server 2016 - two computers couldn't connect in the amount of time allotted


we have RDS installed in Windows 2016 standard edition and use session-base desktop deployment.

It was working fine for about one year. About two weeks ago, we started to have the following issue:

This computer can't connect to the remote computer.
The two computers couldn't connect in the amount of time allotted. Try connecting again. If the problem continues, contact your network administrator or technical support. 

When this issue happens, we find some users are disconnected in the RDS-Collections-QuickSessionCollection. But we cannot log/sign off those users, they are always showing there.

BTW, we can sign of those users in the Task Manager-Users. 

We can solve this issue by restarting the server. How to fix it without restarting the server?


RemoteApp Disconnected. The two computers couldn't connect in the amount of time allotted.


We have RDS installed in Windows 2008 R2 Standard edition and configured RDS Web, RDS Gateway, RemoteAPP, ADS, DNS in the same server which is in DMZ and we have opened the port 443 only for the clients and enabled the self signed certificate.   We have tested this setup with various windows 7 ( 32/64 bits and IE9/IE10) machines, everything works fine.  But few clients are getting the below error.

RemoteApp Disconnected

This computer can't connect to the remote computer.
The two computers couldn't connect in the amount of time allotted.  Try connecting again.  If the problem continues, contact your network administrator or technical support.

Please suggest a way forward.  3 users are able to connect from windows 7 (IE10) PC, but 3 users are getting the above error they are also having windows 7 (IE10) PC.

2019 RDS Connection Problems, Errors, Weirdness


I'm trying to set up 2019 RDS to replace our 2008R2 Terminal Server.  I used this paper as a guide, but did not publish any apps, just using session based desktops: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Windows-Server-2016-Remote-ffc383fe

I have a broker server, gateway server, web server and two session hosts.  Licensing server is running on the broker server but not activated yet.  I also haven't enabled the gateway server yet as I'm just testing internally. So far I have just one collection pointing to one of the session host servers. We are not testing any remote apps, just session based desktops.

Here's the problem:

  • I'm able to initially get two users connected (either directly on the broker server, or through the Remote Desktop Web Access page) If a third tries to connect, it hangs at a black screen and eventually gives the message "failed to reconnect to your remote session.  Please try to connect again".  I would expect to see a message about not enough licenses or do you want to bump someone else off.
  • During the black screen time, and before the error message, the active two users get bumped off, but then automatically reconnect.
  • If I then log off one or both of the active users, I'm unable to log anyone into the server again.  They all get the black screen and the error message.  At this point I'm only able to log into the server on the console.  The only way to fix this is to reboot the broker server, and the cycle begins again.

Here's what shows up in the Event Viewer on the Broker server:

  • When active users get bumped out theTerminalServices-LocalSessionManager log shows an error like this: “Session 3 has been disconnected, reason code 3489660929”. Also shows reason codes 12 and 0.  Also get this error in the same log: “An error occurred when transitioning from CsrConnected in response to EvCsrInitialized. (ErrorCode 0x80070102)”

  • In the RemoteDesktopServices-RdpCoreTS Operational log, we get lots of weird errors:

-TCP socket READ operation failed, error 10054”; “RDP_TCP: An error was encountered when transitioning from StateUnknown in response to Event_Disconnect (error code 0x80072746).”;

-RDP_SEC: An error was encountered when transitioning from FStateProcessingData in response to FEventPostReceiveFailed (error code 0x80072746).”

-RDP_SEC: An error was encountered when transitioning from FStatePassthrough in response to FEventCheckAndCompleteReadsFailed (error code 0x8007139F)”.

-Failed InputMgr->GetHandles' in CUMRDPConnection::GetInputHandles at 4043 err=[0x80070102]”; “'GetInputHandles Failed' in CUMRDPConnection::GetInputHandles at 1401 err=[0x80070102]”

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • All servers are updated
  • Removed and recreated my collection
  • Rebooted many times
  • Restarted the Windows Audio service
  • Tried both from the RD Web Access page and directly connecting to the Broker server
  • Tried disabling firewalls on all RDS servers

I’m kind of at a loss and it’s driving me bananas. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

George Moore

RDP to windows 10 try to use local printer set as default but it's trying to use last printing device used on remote host to print.


RDP to Win10 pro system 1803 from a windows 1803 with a printer attached>  Select the redirected printer, in this case a Zebra GC420d thermal > print a test page...works fine. >  Set it as default printer > try to print anything.  

What seems to be happening is any device on the remote system that was last used to print on the remote system is what it tries to print to ;HP printer, onenote, PDF printer. even though the redirected local host printer is set as the default

It was working fine before updating the remote system to 10.  

Can't Change RDWorkSpaceName


Had to uninstall my RDS services and reinstall. When I try to change the WorkSpace name through powershell I get this error.

Set-RDWorkspace : Failed to update the workspace on RD Connection Broker server RDS.DOMAIN.COM.
Error: Exception calling "Put" with "0" argument(s): ""
At line:1 char:1
+ Set-RDWorkspace -Name "My Company"
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,Set-RDWorkspace

Any ideas? I am running powershell as admin.

Thanks, The_Techguy

2FA for Windows server essentials


Hi Support,

Can 2FA be installed on the Windows server 2012 & 2016 Essentials?  If yes what is the best practice? If not can anyone recommend a third party software to achieve the goal?  I want to have 2 FA for connecting to the local workstations via RWA (remote web access or access anywhere).

I appreciate your help.



Replaced SSL cert, now getting certificate error when launching remote apps


Set up:

Server2016 Hyper V Guest 
Remote Desktop Gateway
Remote Desktop Licensing
RD Web Access
RD Connection Broker

Server2016 Hyper V Guest
RD Session host

Internal FQDN: Domain.Company.Local
External FQDN: company.ca

SSL Cert Wildcard: *.company.ca

DNS redirects remote.company.ca > external IP on firewall

Firewall port forwards RDP requests to Remote Desktop Gateway via custom port :9999 (443 was taken and my firewall didn't redirect through a WAF well with RDP so this worked)
Custom Port was set in transport options on remote desktop.

Initial setup worked fine, imported the SSL certs (which are now expired) then I updated the server to the HTML 5 client.

That worked until the certs expired, I replaced the certs first in the remote desktop gateway manager then in the Server Manager > Remote Desktop Gateway Overview > Collection Properties (selected the new cert for each, hit apply)

Checked IIS binding, its now the new cert.  Did IIS reset, and rebooted server to make sure changes took.

The portal gets the new cert just fine back to secure padlock in browser.  When launching an app though I get a certificate error:

Your session ended because an unexpected server authentication certificate was received from the remote PC. Ask your admin or tech support for help.

Certificate information:

Server Name:
Certificate thumbprint (SHA1):


I verified the thumbprint against the cert and all was correct.  I hadn't changed the FQDN from the setup before, and even tried rolling back the server and checking, as soon as I swap the cert out in any of the places it breaks the FQDN external being different from internal hoops I had to jump through originally.

Oddly if I go to /rdweb and use the non-html5 method the remote apps fire up and launch just fine.

What am I missing here?

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